08 June 2007

Losing my mind

When a perhaps unhealthy obsession with plants collides with an incontrovertibly unhealthy* obsession with lolcats, the results are not pretty. Avert your gaze.

Anyway.... The point is that this poppy thinks it can avoid its rendezvous with destiny, i.e. the compost, by continuing to flower like a maniac. What it fails to understand is that its flowers mean nothing to me unless I can see them. Which I can't because we don't have enough winter chill hours to induce sufficient internode elongation.

u has mah bukkit?*Seriously, I almost crashed the car when I saw the UHAUL lolrus this morning:

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Blogger bs said...


i loves me some lolcats. i can't help it. i was scrolling through and found OUR cat! please, if you have a cat... you must post pictures of it everywhere, so the internet gnomes can add it to the pantheon.

6/08/2007 6:08 PM  

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