24 February 2006

About AXG

Zone 6b/Sunset Zone 34. Six beds measuring 1.5'x80'; three are backed up by brick walls, and three by a metal fence. Sandy, compact soil that seems to have been construction fill in an earlier life. This garden isn't my own, but belongs to the cop shop next door. Some well-intentioned but not-so-sharp architect put in a narrow little bed around the perimeter of the fortress that is PSA 3 in Bushwick, New York. By the time I moved into the building four years later, it was full of neck-high weeds, beer cans, wind-blown violation reports, and potato chip bags. In the winter of 2002, I asked if they'd mind if I did some planting. The best way to describe it is as an ambulatory garden, because there is no one good or even complete vantage point, and at its very widest, it is only two feet. My sister has in the past said it looks like a gas station.


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