08 May 2007


Ironic that my Ixia viridiflora bloomed right after I went to take pictures of the Puya berteroniana: there are very few flowers in this color range.

Seen here clashing rather dramatically with Dichelostemma ida-maiae. Admittedly, I bought mine more as a novelty than anything else. But I was surprised that -- at least in isolation -- the color is quite beautiful, even soothing. But there's no way I can keep it away from the reds.

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Blogger lisa said...

That's definately the first flower I've seen in that color-very cool!

5/15/2007 3:34 PM  
Blogger Fin De Fichier said...

I have seen these in person in a conservatory somewhere. One of the strangest shades of flower along with Gladiolus papillio.
This is a most amusing blog, I must stop reading now. Love the Voltaire quote in the banner - classy!

10/28/2007 1:05 AM  

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