31 May 2007

Media sickness

My garden photos are starting to get repetitive, a situation that will only get worse as the space available for new plants vanishes, and I cover all of last year's bases with the new camera.

I am not a very visual person, and I have a hard time focusing on details in real life. For instance, it was only when I was cropping the photo of the first Passiflora manicata flower that I noticed something was wrong. I'm banking on the powers of macro to help me ID the unknown Penstemon species when it blooms.

And the other day, I intentionally took yet another Monardella picture because I couldn't figure out where the stigma is. It reminds me of a superbowl probably 15 years ago when John Madden noticed that a receiver was watching himself on the jumbotron (as we used to call it) in order to elude tacklers and started screaming "media sickness!" Trust me, it was very entertaining.

However, for every innovative use of technology in gardening, there are at least as many plants I will never tire of photographing over and over, like Passiflora caerulea:


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Blogger lisa said...

Passiflora beautifula!

6/28/2007 3:30 PM  
Blogger Wicked Gardener said...

This one of my favorite flowers. It's what a daisy would look like if grew on Mars.

8/02/2007 6:09 PM  
Blogger Fin De Fichier said...

Do you sharpen in photoshop? Your pictures seem to exhibit the effects of some transform function.
They look great.

10/29/2007 11:10 PM  
Blogger mmw said...

Thanks! Usually all I do in Photoshop is color correct and crop. The camera (it's one of those little Canon Elphs) does its own sharpening, pretty aggressively. I can't adjust it.

10/30/2007 11:36 AM  

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