22 February 2006

About 2G

2007: My unenthusiasitic co-conspirator has had better, or at least more remunerative, things to do, so this is really the story of one garden for the time being. In the original description below, I am the innocent:

East v. West. Brooklyn v. Oakland. Rent v. own. Zone 6 v. zone 9. Continental v. Mediterranean. Experience v. innocence.



Blogger Garden Wise Guy said...

Interesting combo and looks like I touch a few of the same bases. Born in Brooklyn, moved to L.A., now in Santa Barbara, but lived briefly in Oakland. Do I get a prize?

Very nice blog. I'm enjoying. First connected to you when you "favorited' a flickr photo of mine (silver agaves in a "field" of Tradescantia 'Purple Heart'.

Wanna trade blog links? Which would be the most appropriate, as it looks like you have a few going. Stop by my blog for a look-see.

later, skater

12/15/2007 7:17 PM  

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