06 April 2007


It was so nice yesterday I decided to walk home from work and see what's flowering now. My tour has less ambiance than Chuck's, but I did get a few interesting plants. When I got home it was still light out, so I repaired to the patio with the new Pacific Horticulture, a cocktail, and the baseball game on the radio. Yay spring! Actually, I just said that to torment everyone who lives in the (re-) frozen wastes of the rest of the country -- by the time the game started it was too chilly to sit outside in shortsleeves.

I'm going to spare you another list until the month of plant sales is over, but I did want to mention my latest folly, allegedly a Furcraea roezlii, although that name is invalid, I'm hoping it will turn out to be this. Of course, I have nowhere to put such a thing...

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Blogger chuck b. said...

Maybe you could go for a stroll in North Berkeley. It's like garden nirvana there.

4/08/2007 9:22 PM  

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