30 November 2006


So cold. There was actually a frost advisory last night. What the fuck is a frost advisory? Are you Californians so weak you need the nanny state to hold your hand every time water might leave the liquid phase?

Well, yeah, we are. I've been pretty preoccupied with how cold I am for a few days. Wondering incredulously how I lived without central heat. The old days, when I was a kid in NE, and temperatures like this were cause to wear t-shirts and shorts, those don't really register anymore.

But now there's a garden: it's not about me anymore. I have responsibilities, which I fulfilled by covering my tenderest plants last night: Passiflora manicata and Deppea splendens. There were plenty more things I could have worried about, but I knew we weren't going to get a real frost: the nearest weather station (on the internet) didn't even fall below forty.

Still, it's an odd feeling, the sudden possibility that you could lose some plants overnight.

The only thing I'm really worried about are the nascent flower spikes on the Hedychium (we're up to 3 now), which I'm pretty sure are feeling considerably more petulant about producing actual flowers than last week.

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