02 November 2006

Sleep like a champion today

The beauty of flickr is that even if you are a shitty photographer you can just find someone else's picture of a Fatsia japonica flower that doesn't suck. Thanks jam343!

These are the kind of flowers that garden books call insignificant, but that's wrong: the inflorescence, which may have dozens of these Nelson-clock umbels, is quite striking (even if the individual flowers are indeed insignificant). What they mean is that the point of the plant is the foliage, which is true in the case of F. japonica only insofar as one does not fancy Nelson clocks -- which I don't particularly. But I do like the leaves.

Anyway, I haven't had much to say mostly because of the endless construction projects, which exhaust me. (I am weak). The other day, a yard and a half of various fill was finally delivered, and I nearly killed myself getting it from the driveway into the raised bed. Miraculously, I felt only moderately crapulent the next day, an outcome I can only attribute to my rigorous sleeping schedule, leavened with a high dosage of non-pharmaceutical grade resveratrol, of course.

I actually get to plant things this weekend. I'm starting to get excited.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I planted some stuff today! I was very excited. I'm planting some stuff tomorrow too. Tonight (it's 11 p.m. right now), I might still boil some water to soak some seeds that I collected this summer. I want to put a couple Freemontodendron in containers on my roof/deck. Just for the heck of it. I've got the seed. Why not? :) Plants are cool.

I planted a porcelain berry vine I got for $75 off at my local nursery's end-of-the-season sale. It was like $3.00. So now I have porcelain berry. Who knows. Maybe I'll love it.

11/05/2006 2:10 AM  

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