21 March 2007


Things are really hectic, as you'd expect this time of year. The Wisteria and Cantua are busting out, and lots of other stuff too, but I've been too busy to get much done, or write about it. After a whirlwind trip to Annie's (Brunsvigia josephinae, holla) I managed to get 18 plants in the ground in an hour before returning grudgingly to other chores. Dahlia, Ratibia, Scabiosa, Nasturtium, Passiflora, Aloe... some other stuff.

Penstemon eatoni, two of the four Fritillaria recurva populations, and maybe something else? have germinated in the fridge, and are awaiting my ministrations. Oh yeah, I need to go to the dry cleaners. Of the plants I've taken out of the fridge, no sign of life from Allium amplectens and only a single Triteleia hyacinthina so far.

So yeah, I'm busy. And plant sale season is right around the corner.

This unknown Freesia hybrid is very striking -- if anything it's more contrast-y than the picture. There is only a single one of these in the nice, mostly white drift we inherited. If anyone knows the name of the cultivar, let me know.

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