31 January 2007


There's not much flowering these days, but the rosemary was utterly unconcerned with the frost. Oh, and: behold the new camera. Suddenly I seem like a semi-competent photographer. In fact, I am realizing that I need more winter flowers. For starters, the Agave attenuata I failed to protect from the frost is going to be replaced with an aloe -- I'm thinking A. cryptopoda but taking suggestions: think compact and floriferous.

Actually, I went to the botanic garden this wekend to check out aloes, brought the new camera, and forgot to photograph anything. Sorry.

The only other flowers in the back right now are the camellias and the Double Delight rose, which I'd much prefer dormant so I can cut it back. The other rose got pruned hard, went dormant, and awaits its dormant spray which I haven't got around to because I dread the smell so. I'm also procrastinating on putting in some Dahlias.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, nice camera.

2/02/2007 2:05 PM  
Blogger chuck b. said...

Time for a new post.


2/10/2007 11:33 PM  

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