15 August 2007


cali fuchsia

All of a sudden, the garden seems full. My strategy all along has just been to buy interesting plants, stick them in somewhere, and see how they did -- and how I liked them. "Design" was something that would work itself out eventually (much to my long-suffering wife's chagrin).

Well, the first of the fall bulbs arrived today, and they (mostly) have to go into the bulb bed -- which you may be able to discern under the California fucshia to the right -- and I'm pretty much out of room.

Sure, I can stick a few more things in a few more borders, particularly if I ever tackle that thuggish pelargonium, but the die is cast. Now I have to start moving things around.

The bulbs:

  • Calochortus simulans*
  • Calochortus umbellatus
  • Corydalis solida 'G. P. Baker'*
  • Colchicum cilicicum 'Glory of Heemstede'*
  • Crocus cartwrightianus
  • Crocus gargaricus
  • Crocus pulchellus 'Zephyr'
  • Crocus sativus 'Cashmerianus'
  • Cyrtanthus elatus x montanus
  • Fritillaria affinis 'Wayne Roderick'
  • Fritillaria purdyi striata*
  • Gladiolus debilis
  • Lachenalia aloides var. quadricolor
  • Lachenalia liliflora
  • Nerine sarniensis var. corusca major
  • Tulipa clusiana

* D'oh! Just because you order 'em, doesn't mean you get 'em.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

or you could just cross the bay and visit friends instead...



8/17/2007 11:07 AM  
Blogger mmw said...

Uh, didn't they close the bridge?

8/17/2007 4:32 PM  
Blogger lisa said...

My "design plan" is the same way, and I think things DO work themselves out eventually. ;-)

9/06/2007 9:22 AM  

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