01 May 2006

Planting restraint

Tulipa linifolia

You cannot assume that all the plants at a specialty plant sale are suited to your climate. I, of course, spazzed out and forgot this on Friday, when I bought these unbelievable species tulips, which are native to high elevations of the Pamir mountains, and are thefore as likely to thrive in my yard as in hell. But: wow. I might even have to clear out a space in the fridge to try to hang onto these.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I fucking scored at the plant sales this year:

asphodelAsphodelus albusLiliaciae/
beschorneriaBeschorneria rigidaAgavaceae
mariposa lilyCalochortus superbusLiliaciae/
mariposa lilyCalochortus venustusLiliaciae/
Cali. fuschiaEpilobium canum/ "Catalina"
Zauschneria californica
paintbrushHaemanthus albiflosAmaryllidaceae
mariposaHedychium coronariumZingiberaceae
copihueLapageria rosea "Nahuelbuta"Philesiaceae
Douglas irisIris douglasianaIridaceae
pincushionLeucospermum "scarlet ribbons"Proteaceae
coyote mintMonardella macrantha "Marian Sampson"Lamiaceae
king proteaProtea cynaroidesProteaceae
puyaPuya venustaBromeliaceae
tulipTulipa linifoliaLiliaciae


Anonymous kk said...

There, indeed, is a tulip. And lovely as the "Nahuelbuta" variety is, I still can't believe you managed to forego "Dr. Bollocks."

5/02/2006 1:15 PM  
Blogger mmw said...

Actually, that is the variety I was planning on getting, but it was gone by the time I got there. There were at most 30 people in front of me at the members only preview sale, and I went directly to the Lapageria table, but it was fucking destroyed by the time I got there. Plant nerds.

5/03/2006 11:58 AM  

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