10 April 2006



It's undoubtedly spring now, even if the schizophrenic weather makes this difficult to verify. If we have a nice day anytime soon, I might take some pictures of the things that are starting to flower.

I just want to reassure everyone that we are still enjoying the wisteria, which was probably at its peak when we got back, but still has a few weeks left in it, despite the pelting rain.

This weekend's big news was the acquisition of a Protea cynaroides for $6 at a plant sale. Most nurseries charge $60 for a 5-gallon plant. Of course I will have to wait longer for flowers. The big question is whether to grow it in a big pot, or in a still-imaginary raised bed. I'm not sure that I can maintain proper soil conditions in the latter.

In other proteaceae news, I noticed a large and apparently quite happy Leucospermum (probably a hybrid) flowering a few blocks from my house. Even more exciting: what appeared to be a Mimetes (out of the corner of my eye while driving in a downpour) planted, and flowering, in a "hellstrip" by the side of the road. Must investigate further.


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