11 May 2006

Nature mort

Here's the "Double Delight," together with some, uh, unorthodox companion plants. Just to the left of this frame is the Cantua buxifolia, which was quite sad at the time that we bought it -- both because it was super cheap and, of course, because of the common name: "sacred flower of the Incas." The third reason -- yes, I know this is a problem -- was that I had never heard of it. I has sent out a solitary, late (I think) flower, visible in its early stages at the above link. Also posted, the profuse flowers of the other rose (yes, the aggressively suckering one).

You can get a sense of the variablity of "Double Delight" thanks to better photographers than I at flickr. Sadly, none were able to capture the smell.


Anonymous kk said...

I can't believe all those flowers are called double delight. Surely some are different enough to call for other, gayer names.

And dude, that gardenia does not look happy. I know temp. is not ideal, but what about drainage? It might do better as a potted plant...

5/12/2006 1:53 PM  

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