13 March 2006

The world wide web

I am very slowly wrapping my mind around the profusion of garden blogs. No comment yet on the issue of quality, but the saving grace of the genre is the intrinsic interest (to gardeners) of climate.

For example, I was complaining to myself about about the temperature this morning when I came across TundraGarden. Holy shit! No more whining from me.

Conversely: two interesting mediterrannean-climate garden blogs from Baja and Andalucia. And true dirt is good not only for the neighbor-mockery, but because the authors live right here in zone 17. Pam Pierce, author of the indispensible Golden Gate Gardening, has her own blog.

Not sure yet how I'm going to keep track of blogs that are actually worth reading, but for the time being, this post is it, so: Sign of the shovel [NY], Casa decrepit [Alameda: extreme home improvement with a dash of garden].

Sheila Lennon keeps what appears to be a comprehensive list of garden blogs at the projo website.

As you can tell, it was far too soggy for me to do anything in my own garden this week.


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