25 March 2010

Mission accomplished

Not exactly lush, is it? I may break down and buy some annuals just to have something to look at; not sure I can wait until fall to start them from seed. Still, it's pretty exciting to actually plant something: 6 Penstemons, 6 lavenders, 2 Salvia apiana, 1 Baccharis, 1 Calycanthus occidentalis, 1 Carpenteria californica,1 Ceanothus hearstiorum, and 1 olive. And considering that my whole idea for this yard started with Eriogonums, there's something to look forward to. Annie's should have them in a month or so. And in the back: 1 Hydrangea transplanted from the front, 3 Acquilegia, 3 asiatic lilies that appeared in an abandoned pot, 2 Dahlias, 2 Aloes*, a sweetpea, Satureja mimuloides, Linaria, Beschorneria rigida*, Bomarea sp., (the plant formerly known as) Furcraea roeszlii (into a bigger pot, to go in front), Penstemon palmeri, and a Restio (Apodasmia similis, formerly Leptocarpus similis).
* transplants That's 38 plants, not too bad for 2 days work.


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