28 February 2006

Batter my yard, three person'd God

Yes, it was a nice little storm, but if you live next to a river that floods any time it rains two days in a row, move. My yard was unscathed but for a bougainvillea that untethered itself from a downspout. If I could learn to focus the shitty camera, the picture below would demonstrate the freesia's unconcern with the hail that had just pelted them minutes before.


Before the rains returned this weekend I managed to sow a galvanized tub with Keckiella cordifolia and Penstemon centranthifolia, to give the hummingbirds something to eat while I tear up the place this summer. Got down 14 cubic feet of emergency mulch in the front -- of course, I need about ten more. The first few sweet peas emerged.


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