19 December 2006

Mr. frostee

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That's not really what you want to see in the morning. The words "record lows," also not ideal. Although I'm pretty sure we did not get below around 35 (the coldest spot I could find was 38 when I went out around 7:30 with my meat thermometer -- yes, I need to get a better measuring device), the path was definitely crunchy. Or rather, part of it was: there appear to be about 15 different nano-climates in my tiny yard.

Thankfully, the crunchiest area is mostly plant-free, and no actual crystals were visible on leaves, but I have a feeling the Hedychium was not amused. Certainly I will have to lower my already diminished expectations for those flower spikes, which haven't budged since I noticed them a month ago. There is also some question about the Agave attenuata, which, though "hardy to 28," cannot be too happy either.

Although there's been a fair amount of gardening activity, I haven't had time to write about it, so I'll see you next year, which will commence with rose pruning, barring catastrophe.

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