28 February 2006

Batter my yard, three person'd God

Yes, it was a nice little storm, but if you live next to a river that floods any time it rains two days in a row, move. My yard was unscathed but for a bougainvillea that untethered itself from a downspout. If I could learn to focus the shitty camera, the picture below would demonstrate the freesia's unconcern with the hail that had just pelted them minutes before.


Before the rains returned this weekend I managed to sow a galvanized tub with Keckiella cordifolia and Penstemon centranthifolia, to give the hummingbirds something to eat while I tear up the place this summer. Got down 14 cubic feet of emergency mulch in the front -- of course, I need about ten more. The first few sweet peas emerged.

24 February 2006

About AXG

Zone 6b/Sunset Zone 34. Six beds measuring 1.5'x80'; three are backed up by brick walls, and three by a metal fence. Sandy, compact soil that seems to have been construction fill in an earlier life. This garden isn't my own, but belongs to the cop shop next door. Some well-intentioned but not-so-sharp architect put in a narrow little bed around the perimeter of the fortress that is PSA 3 in Bushwick, New York. By the time I moved into the building four years later, it was full of neck-high weeds, beer cans, wind-blown violation reports, and potato chip bags. In the winter of 2002, I asked if they'd mind if I did some planting. The best way to describe it is as an ambulatory garden, because there is no one good or even complete vantage point, and at its very widest, it is only two feet. My sister has in the past said it looks like a gas station.

22 February 2006

Plants I have killed

So far:

huckleberryVaccinium ovatuminsufficient hydrogen ions
lenten roseHelleborus x nigersmithii "Ivory Prince"?
passion flowerPassiflora edulis "Black Knight"Passifloraceae
western redbud**Cercis occidentalis(bareroot never rooted)
anemoneAnemone multifidashade?
poppyPapaver orientalis cv.temperature?
tuberosePolianthes tuberosasummer water?
agaveAgave attenuatacold
--Deppea splendenscold

I know, how do you kill a Hellebore? Soggy soil?

Shit, I almost forgot I murdered a clivia baby (i.e., offset) while transplanting the mom last weekend. I'm trying to get it to root though.

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Plant list

Plants in the ground so far. *inherited; **in the front. No annuals, at the moment.

flowering maple**Abutilon sp. (orange)Malvaceae
flowering mapleAbutilon sp. (red)Malvaceae
yarrowAchillea millefoliumAsteraceae
anise hyssop**Agastache [foeniculum?] "wildfire"Lamiaceae
grass aloeAloe cooperiAsphodelaceae
kangaroo pawAnigozanthos “bush garnet”Haemodoraceae
*arumArum italicumAraceae
asphodelAsphodelus albusLiliaciae/
beschorneriaBeschorneria rigidaAgavaceae
bougainvilleaBougainvillea cvv. (2)Nyctaginaceae
angel’s trumpetBrugmansia x candida cv.Solanaceae
mariposaCalochortus splendensLiliaceae/
mariposaCalochortus venustusLiliaceae/
bottlebrush (dwarf)Callistemon viminalis "Little John"Myrtaceae
*camelliaCamellia japonica cvv. (2)Theaceae
Inca flowerCantua buxifoliaPolemonaceae
key limeCitrus aurantifoliaRutaceae
*Meyer lemonCitrus x meyeriRutaceae
cliviaClivia miniataAmaryllidaceae
crinum?Crinum bulbispermumAmaryllidaceae
pinkDianthus “fancy knickers”Carophyllaceae
*carnationDianthus carophyllis cv.Carophyllaceae
fire-cracker somethingDicelostemma ida-maiaThemidaceae/
blood red trumpet vineDistictis buccinatoriaBignonaceae
Cali. fuschiaEpilobium canum [Zauschneria californica] "Catalina"Onagraceae
stream orchidEpipactis giganteaOrchidaceae
fawn lilyErythronium californicum "white beauty"Liliaceae
euphorbiaEuphorbia characias (dwarf)Euphorbiaceae
euphorbiaEuphorbia "Red Martin"Euphorbiaceae
fatsiaFatsia japonicaAraliaceae
freesiaFreesia albaIridaceae
*freesiaFreesia x hybridaIridaceae
?Fritillaria meleagrisLiliaceae
*fuschiaFuschia x hybrida (2)Onagraceae
*gardeniaGardenia augusta cv.Rubiaceae
paintbrushHaemanthus albiflosAmaryllidaceae
mariposaHedychium coronariumZingiberaceae
coral bellsHeuchera sanguineatorchSaxifragaceae
hydrangea**Hydrangea macrophylla cvv.(2)Hydrangeaceae
Douglas irisIris douglassianaIridacea
?Ixia viridifloraIridaceae
climbing penstemonKeckiella cordifoliaPlantaginaceae
red hot pokerKniphofia uvaria “flamenco”Asphodelaceae
lantana**Lantana spp. (3)Verbenaceae
bayLaurus nobilisLauraceae
pincushionLeucospermum "scarlet ribbons"Proteaceae
*lion's tailLeonotis leonurus[?]Lamiaciae
lilyLilium x hybrida "Casablanca"Liliaceae
firecracker vineManettia luteorubraRubiaceae
scarlet monkeyflowerMimulus cardinalisScrophulariaceae
marjoramOriganum majoranaLamiaceae
oreganoOriganum vulgarisLamiaceae
*geraniumPelargonium [x domesticum?] cv.Geraniaceae
scarlet buglerPenstemon centranthifolia
Plantaginaceae (Scrophulariaceae)
beardtounguePenstemon sp.Plantaginaceae
cape fuchsiaPhygelius capensisScrophulariaceae
king proteaProtea cynaroidesProteaceae
pomegranatePunica granatum "wonderful"Punicaceae/
?Puya venustaBromeliaceae
*roseRosa ("double delight" and one other hybrid tea)Rosaceae
salvia**Salvia chamaedryoidesLamiaceae
salvia**Salvia chiapensisLamiaceae
*salviaSalvia [coccinea?]Lamiaceae
salvia**Salvia greggii "Coral"Lamiaceae
salvia**Salvia greggii "Desert blaze"Lamiaceae
salvia**Salvia x jamensis "Sierra San Antonio"Lamiaceae
*salviaSalvia leucanthaLamiaceae
sageSalvia officinalisLamiaceae
?Satureja mexicanaLamiaceae
winter savorySatureja montanaLamiaceae
blue-eyed grass**Sisyrinchium bellumIridaceae
Marmelade bushStreptosolen jamesoniiSolanaceae
tulipTulipa linifoliaLiliaceae
thymeThymus vulgarisLamiaceae
*nasturtiumTropaeolum majus cv.Tropaeolaceae
viburnum**Viburnum opulus "Roseum"Caprifolaceae
wisteriaWisteria sinensis “Texas white”Fabaceae
*calla lilyZantedeschia aethiopicaAraceae

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Wants list

More a list of things to look into further.

California fawn lily Erythronium californicum done
California peony Paeonia californica (too ugly. try P. cambessedesii instead)
NZ tea tree Leptospermum scoparium meh.
flowering quince Chaenomeles sp.
Cape honeysuckle Tecomaria capensis
Waratah Telopea speciosissima also. hybrid "Braidwood Brilliant"
? Crinum procerum "splendens" ?
Scarlet feather Verticordia grandis
? Erica plukenetti
? Tigridia orthantha (Chiapan cloud forest)


About MMW

Zone 9b/Sunset Zone 17

~1000 sf + small front; winter shade, summer sun; heavy soil

lists: wanted | planted | killed

MMW likes long walks on the beach and candlelight dinners, interesting plants with pretty flowers, and something for the birds to eat. He would also like the raccoon to stop shitting on his lilies.


About 2G

2007: My unenthusiasitic co-conspirator has had better, or at least more remunerative, things to do, so this is really the story of one garden for the time being. In the original description below, I am the innocent:

East v. West. Brooklyn v. Oakland. Rent v. own. Zone 6 v. zone 9. Continental v. Mediterranean. Experience v. innocence.


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